Evidence Based Reading Intervention for KS3

Struggling readers become fluent readers by using Dyslexia Gold


The only reading intervention designed for secondary students. Improves fluency, comprehension and speed.


Uses spaced repetition, memorable pictures and words in sentences to teach spellings.

Proven Results

Our evidence based interventions have been proven to improve reading and spelling in secondary schools.

Flexible Approach

Students work independently either at home or at school.

Easy to Use

Automatic placement tests put children on the right level.


Age-appropriate material engages secondary school students.

On average, reading improves by 12 months in a term

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Why do Some Students Struggle To Read?

By the time students reach Secondary School they have had years of phonics and phonics interventions. So why is it they still struggle to read?

Our research has shown that there are two main reasons:

  • They can't see the letters and words on the page clearly
  • they can't hear the individual sounds in words


Pupils who skip words or lines, reverse letters, or can't remember what they've read, may have a vision problem caused by weak eye muscles. Their eyes don't focus on the same letter, so their brain receives two different images when they read.

Phonological Awareness

They may also have poor phonological awareness, which means they can't hear individual sounds in words. They can't hear that goat contains 3 sounds: g-oa-t.

Dyslexia Gold addresses both these issues using online games. Engaging Eyes, exercises the eye muscles, helping them work together and reduces eye movements. Fluency Builder develops auditory skills so they can hear the sounds in words. Once children can both see the letters and sound out the words, reading improves dramatically.

The Impact of Literacy Gold

Playing Literacy Gold for just one term improves reading ages by 12 months

... and spelling ages by 10.5 months!

Play at school or at home.

Our Results

Formal trials showed that students' reading improved by an average of 12 months in a single term. Spelling improved by 10½ months.

Feedback from staff and students was that Dyslexia Gold's programs are engaging and age appropriate.

Dyslexia Gold is used in secondary schools throughout the UK and is recommended by Educational Psychologists and Dyslexia Assessors.

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