The Best Resource I have seen in many years

“This is certainly the best resource I have seen in many years. The combination of eye-tracking and phonological assessment gives an informative assessment profile for teachers and parents. Eye-tracking is often an 'invisible barrier' to reading progress.

The Dyslexia Gold package is the single most important and effective program we run at school and it has become an integral part of a re-designed reading recovery program. I endorse this program fully and enthusiastically.”
George Law
Inclusion Manager
Down Hall Primary School

Great success with these programs

“I have never found another programme that replicates what we would do in a specialist 1:1 intervention. This does. It's fun but very targeted.

Engaging Eyes has made such a difference to our learners with a visual difficulty. Fluency Builder support phonological awareness and Spelling Tutor provides overlearning of keywords in a meaningful context.

For children who do not need a specialist lesson this can be the difference between struggling and making good progress. For those who need a specialist lesson the programmes back up what we do and gives more regular practice. Thoroughly recommended.”
Kate Bodle
St Mary's School

Significantly Improves Attainment

“Dyslexia Gold is like nothing I have used before and has shown vast improvements with a variety of age groups. With some children the age gap had hugely reduced, one child by 62 months in only two terms. Quite amazing! The children are more willing to read aloud, often asking to do so, and their class teachers and parents have all commented how they have seen their confidence grow in all areas of school work.”
Dawn Hancock
SEN Support
Alsager Highfields Community Primary School

Significantly Reduces Attainment Gap

“Spelling Tutor has really made a huge impact on our spelling results and we have rolled it out across the whole school now, regardless of ability or SEND status. It now forms an integral part of our day for regular spelling and reading repeated practice. It uses spaced repetition to focus on what words individuals needs to learn sequentially. It caters for all learners, including spelling words from Y5/6 NC lists. When used in Y4-Y6, all children improved their spelling ages, some from 5 years to over 12 years in 1 academic year and during lockdown."
Carla Thom
Boddington Church of England Voluntary School

Pupils' confidence and abilities improved

“Progress after playing Dyslexia Gold for 3 months has been impressive. On average reading age improved by 25 months.

Without a doubt, Dyslexia Gold has enabled the pupils to improve their reading speed and fluency but more importantly supported them in gaining confidence in themselves; they are now far more confident in their reading aloud and they now read for pleasure - which is invaluable.

The children enjoyed completing this program and stated that they felt more confident when reading on their own, out loud in class and to an adult. As a teacher, I saw a real improvement in the children's confidence as well as the fluency in which they read being able to use strategies to decode unknown words.

The program was fun and easy to use and the pupils really enjoyed playing. I would recommend it for any child who is having difficulty learning to read.”
Tanya Costa
Whitehall Junior School
Average Improvement: 25 months

Pupils have improved reading ages and fluency scores

“Our pupils have enjoyed this program and have been engaged and enthusiastic all the way through. The results show that the pupils have all improved their reading ages and their fluency scores”
Rosie Hemmings
Bollington St John's Primary
Average Improvement: 14 months

ALL children made at least double rate of progress

“The headline from us is that ALL children made at least double rate of progress.

Feedback from the children was largely positive. 'I liked it, it was fun' They liked whack the alien, 'I like playing the real game at the fair' 'I liked how fun it was to get the alien'.”
Kim Exelby
Easingwold CP School
Average Improvement: 16 months

Impressive Results! 27 months progress improvement

“We are really impressed with the data results.

A 9 year old with a reading age of 4 years 9 months made 27 months progress and now has a reading age of 7 years!”
Stacey Evans
Egremont Primary
Average Improvement: 13 months

Significant improvement in reading age and speed

“The impact has been very impressive, with reading ages and speeds making significant improvements.

Children have enjoyed accessing the intervention and look forward to their daily session. They are also pleased with how their reading has improved and are rightly very proud of themselves.”
Jane Murray
Haxey Primary
Average Improvement: 12 months

Pupils have noticed improvement

The pupils who have made the most progress have noticed their improvement and really enjoy the intervention.
Susan Radcliffe
Marlfields Primary
Average Improvement: 12 months

More engaged than any other interventions

For one pupil, the impact has been great and he has really enjoyed the games and process and is more engaged in reading and interventions than he has ever been before.

All the children have enjoyed using the program and have found it easy to access; the daily sessions really helping those with working memory problems.
Pamela Turnbull
Ravensfield Primary
Average Improvement: 7 months

Amazing results

These are the results for December. They're amazing!
On average reading age has improved by 15 months this term.
Lucy Trafford
St Julian’s Primary
Average Improvement: 15 months

Children made over 12 months improvement

What an amazing intervention this is proving to be! 4 children made over 12 months improvement in their reading age.
Kathy-Ann McClean
West Lodge, Harrow
Average Improvement: 7 months

Children enjoy the intervention

The children liked it. One child said “It helps me to read better.”
Lucy Leaford
Wicklewood School
Average Improvement: 6 months

Children made accelerated progress

All children have made accelerated progress - some now have a reading age higher than their chronological age.
Lisa Cooke
Mellor Primary School
Average Improvement: 10 months

Reading improved by nearly 5 points

Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder were trialled in six City of Edinburgh schools. Reading age standardised-score increased, on average, by nearly five points when both Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder were used over a seven month period.
Susan Henderson
City of Edinburgh Council
Average Improvement: 4.8 points

Reading has improved

The children have all said that they look forward to coming to the sessions each day. More importantly they have all found a new confidence and feel that their reading has improved and this has shown not only in their test results so far but in the classroom as well.
Mrs Hancock
Alseger Highfields Primary
Average Improvement: 12 months

Amazing Results! Pupils are above their age level

The results of our annual assessment using the New Group Reading Test, which measures comprehension, have shown amazing results. On average the pupils reading age improved by 35 months, after playing Dyslexia Gold for 6 months.

All the pupils chosen to play had significant reading difficulties prior to playing Dyslexia Gold. Now most of them read above their age level.

"They enjoyed playing every day, and their reading has dramatically improved."
Irene Muego
St Ninian's RC Primary School
Average Improvement: 35 months

Perfect for child with SEN

He is a really special kid with talents that reach way beyond the narrow limits of government imposed tests, but now, after playing Spelling Tutor, it looks like he might make the expected level for spelling and writing SATs which is a truly wonderful thing and makes my job worthwhile - keep up the great work - it makes such a huge difference!
Mrs Beverley
Hever CE Primary

Improved Spelling Confidence

The children that have used Spelling Tutor have absolutely loved it!

We've found it particularly useful for our older children that have done all our other interventions to death. It has really engaged them.

They've enjoyed the 'ownership' aspect of marking their own work and competing against themselves to increase the words 'correct' and 'still working on'. Lots of 'hold on I know this!'

I've found that they are becoming more confident at realising they've made a mistake and thinking about the word and how to change it.
Lesley Humphries
Ratho Primary

Intuitive, easy to supervise and track progress

The programs are intuitive, easy to supervise and track progress. The fact that it is web based and can be played at school or home is also an advantage and helpful for parents. The pupils bounced in each morning eager to better their scores and improve their skills.
Christina McCormick
Cokethorpe School

Now I feel more confident

“I started doing Dyslexia Gold in January and in six months I have made more than four years progress with my reading.
I really like the Fluency Builder game because when there’s a new word it breaks it down into phonemes and repeats it four times to help me read and spell it.
I love playing Engaging Eyes. I like moving the targets and firing and then seeing how many points I scored. Shooting the aliens is fast -thinking and this has really helped me to keep my place and my line when I’m reading.
Before I did Dyslexia Gold, I didn’t really like to put up my hand in class and read out loud in front of other people in the classroom. If we were reading a playscript I would work out where my line was and try to practice it first in my head before it got to be my turn to read. But now I feel more confident and just read it out loud when it’s my turn without worrying. Also, in class now, I don’t need an adult to sit beside me to help me read the instructions of what to do because I can read them by myself.
My Mum and Dad can see a huge improvement when I read to them at home. My Mum used to be worried about my reading but now she is confident that I’ll do well.
I think Dyslexia Gold is really helpful if you are a child like me who needed to improve their reading.”
Thomas B

I made two years progress in reading in five months with Dyslexia Gold.

“Engaging Eyes is fun! I like the 3D glasses. They make the targets look holographic. You get to whack aliens and you have to hit them really fast. It works because I do it regularly and properly.
The Spelling Tutor is good because you write a sentence and you mark it and check that you are right.
Dyslexia Gold has really helped my reading. I can read books faster and I get more words right. I’ve moved up two reading book levels because of it. Once reading gets easier, it’s nice to sit down and read a book and know that I’ll be able to read it. I’ve packed some books to read on my summer holiday. Before I would have asked my mum to read them to me instead.”

My twins made progress and enjoyed it

My twins both suffered problems with reading and comprehension. Assessments revealed that they both had issues with visual tracking and convergence and one also had dyslexia. Both children used the Dyslexia Gold programme and made very good progress with it. The children found both elements easy to use and fun to complete with great rewards to motivate them.

Fluency Builder introduces new learning in bite size pieces for the children and constantly recaps on previous work to really embed concepts into children. This is vital for dyslexic learners as they usually need to over learn new information.

Convergence and tracking difficulties with eyes are often difficult to diagnose and both my children had passed standard eye tests before being identified as having difficulties by a specialist optometrist.

As a parent, Dyslexia Gold proved to be very good value. Parents can easily track progress through the programmes and children are motivated by collecting stars each time they complete the top levels. We can't recommend Dyslexia Gold highly enough - thank you for pulling all the latest research together and making it into a usable programme for children.
Ruth Phillips, Manchester

Spelling Tutor has been amazing

Dear Spelling Tutor team,

My daughter (year 5) has been using Spelling Tutor for a few months now.

She had some spelling difficulties but doesn't have dyslexia or any learning difficulty. School keep saying "She needs to keep learning her spellings" - she already was - and had been for years - it wasn't working so why keep doing it!?

Spelling Tutor has been amazing. She has progressed well but, critically, everyone can see that she is using her improved spellings in her work every day.

So with hard work from my daughter, Spelling Tutor, support (and sometimes insistence) from me and, critically, support from her school she has really turned a corner.

I would recommend this program to anyone whose child was struggling with their spelling. I feel it is exceptionally good value.

Thank You
Laura Bowman, St Albans

I can't recommend Dyslexia Gold enough, it really does work

My daughter has been diagnosed with dyslexia, and has problems with reading and phonics. Through using the Engaging Eyes vision training program, her reading has improved by 4 levels in 6 months, and she is now classified as having average reading abilities for her age. In addition her tennis and other co-ordination sports have improved greatly during this period as well.

I can't recommend this program enough, it really does work
Richard Apletree, Maidenhead

I just wanted to say what a brilliant program it is

We subscribed to your Spelling Tutor 17 days ago and I just wanted to say what a brilliant program it is. My daughter is enjoying doing 20 minutes every day (not missed a day yet!) and we find the very clear simple format a breath of fresh air. The little pictures are enough to engage her interest without distracting from the writing.
Gillian Hill, Kent

Helped my son love reading

This is an amazing program that helped my son go from a very reluctant and slow reader in Y2 to being fluent and enthusiastic in Y3.
Sophie Richardson, Oxfordshire

The screening test really helped me understand

The screening test really helped me understand why Ella was struggling to read - and why she was struggling so much in class. Now I know how to help her.
Claire, Suffolk

Thanks so much!

We’re still loving your programme and are so chuffed with how much progress she’s making in her reading. She’s currently on her first ever proper chapter book. It’s making my heart sing!
Suzanne B, Hereford

I can already see improvement in so many areas

We will definitely continue to use Dyslexia Gold and feel blessed to have stumbled upon this company. I can already see improvement in so many areas just after 6 weeks of use. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter’s progress continue!
I highly recommend this product!
Kristi King
Homeschool Mom

I loved this product!

As a parent with struggling readers, I loved this product! It can feel overwhelming to teach your child to learn to read, and Dyslexia Gold takes the stress out of the whole process.
Katie J Trent
Homeschool Mom

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