Dyslexia Gold

Improve your child's Reading and Spelling

Our online programs teach all the 4 key skills needed to read: Eye control, Phonological awareness, Phonics and Vocabulary.

Suitable for all children, aged 5-12, with or without a dyslexia diagnosis.

Children play for 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.

Dyslexia Gold is:

  • The only online program that improves Eye control and Phonological awareness

  • Proven to improve reading age, spelling and comprehension

  • Reading improves by an average of 12 months in 3 months

What parents and teachers are saying about Dyslexia Gold

I have never found another program that replicates what we would do in a specialist 1:1 intervention. This does. It's fun but very targeted.

Kate Bodle, Head of Learning Support

St Mary's School, Henley

This is an amazing program that helped my son go from a very reluctant and slow reader in Y2 to being fluent and enthusiastic in Y3.

Sophie Richardson

Parent, Oxfordshire

We’re still loving your program and are so chuffed with how much progress she’s making. She’s currently on her first ever proper chapter book. It’s making my heart sing!

Suzanne B

Parent, Hereford


Early Intervention

Reading Age 4+

  • Reading Unlocked

  • Engaging Eyes

£18 per month
$24 per month

Catch Up Intervention

Reading age 7+

  • Fluency Builder

  • Engaging Eyes

  • Spelling Tutor

  • Times Table Tutor

£24 per month
$32 per month

Dyslexia Screener

For ages 6 - 12

Find out if your child has the key symptoms of Dyslexia and how you can help them