Engaging Eyes


Children with dyslexia, and other poor readers, often struggle to focus both eyes on the same point and track across the page. This is partly why reading is so difficult for them.

Engaging Eyes helps your child overcome this with 8 fun, easy to use games.

If your child:

  • Reads Slowly
  • Skips Words or Lines
  • Reverses Letters
  • Says the Text Moves
  • Says the Text is Double or Blurry
  • Gets Eye Strain or Tired when Reading

Then playing Engaging Eyes will help.

Improve Comprehension, Accuracy & Reading Speed.

The red line shows where Abby was looking before she played Engaging Eyes - and shows why she found reading so hard

The Games

Target Practice

Practise using both eyes to focus on a single point by playing a 3D game.

Being able to focus both eyes on the same letter is crucial for good reading. This 3D game trains you to do that by improving the way your eyes work together.

If you can't focus both eyes on the same point your brain will receive two different images. I.e. The left eye might focus on the first letter in a word and the right eye might focus on the last letter in a word. Which is clearly very confusing. This is part of what makes reading so hard for dyslexics.

Convergence Insufficiency Game

Eye Tracking

Follow letters across the screen.

All you need to do is press space when a 'b' appears.

The child’s eyes follow across the page (as they do when reading) and then down to the line below. This encourages and trains the eyes to focus and track across a page.

Convergence Insufficiency Game

Whack an Alien

Whack each alien as it pops up.

This game practices eye movements. The child quickly focuses on one alien and then another and another. There are 2 levels to keep up with and challenge your child.

Saccades Game

10 minutes a day

All it takes is 10 minutes a day to improve your reading speed, accuracy and comprehension.

Engaging Eyes is the first step in helping your child overcome dyslexia.

The programs are online and can be accessed from any computer (Windows or Mac).