Free school Spelling Tutor account, for pupils to use at home, for schools that are closed.

No work required by teacher.

Program contains placement test, then decides which words to use.

Suitable for all children, including those with SEN

Personalised Learning

Spelling Tutor works at your child's pace, using the latest research to teach spelling.

Words are tested multiple times, with larger and larger gaps between each test. This transfers the spelling from short term to long term memory.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Writing is the best way to learn spellings, so Spelling Tutor dictates words and sentences for your child to write.

Your child then marks their own work, which further reinforces the correct spelling and encourages them to take ownership for their own learning.

Teaches 90% of every day words

Spelling Tutor focuses on the words we use every day, based on frequency of use. It includes all the words in the UK Spelling Curriculum

It teaches spelling rules, grammar and homophones. Children learn using non-fiction text, making it suitable for all ages.

What teachers are saying about Spelling Tutor

I just wanted to say what a brilliant program it is. My daughter is enjoying doing 20 minutes every day (not missed a day yet!) and we find the very clear simple format a breath of fresh air. The little pictures are enough to engage her interest without distracting from the writing.
Gillian Hill, Kent
The children that have used Spelling Tutor have absolutely loved it!

We’ve found it particularly useful for our older children that have done all our other interventions to death. It has really engaged them.

Lesley Humphries, ASL Teacher,

Ratho Primary, Edinburgh

This online tool encompasses many of the areas that are usually done in as specialist 1:1 lesson.

You are getting this focused teaching of the underpinning skills for reading and spelling in an easy to use package. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Kate Bodle, SENCo

St Mary's School, Henley

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