Engaging Eyes Trial Results

2020 Trial
2018 Trial
Avg Reading Improvement
12 Months
12 Months
Length of Intervention
3 Months
3 Months
Research Design
One group pre-test/post-test study
Age Range
KS1, KS2 (6 - 11 year olds)
KS2 (7 - 11 year olds)
Inclusion Criteria
Pupils were all identified by their SENCO as having a reading age of at least 12 months behind their chronological age
On average pupils’ reading accuracy improved by 12 months over the 3-month period.

The Ratio Gain shows Remarkable Impact
No. of Pupils
402 pupils from 49 schools
40 pupils from 4 schools
Test Used
New Salford Reading Test

Our research found that 99% of struggling readers have a vision problem.

They are unable to focus both eyes on the same letter, which is crucial for reading.

Engaging Eyes fixes this problem, and substantially improves reading.

Primary School Pupils

Improved by

an average of 12 months

in 1 term

Secondary School Pupils

Improved by

an average of 10 months

in 1 term

To understand how they were able to make such remarkable progress, we need to understand why they were struggling to read.

To read fluently we need to focus both eyes on the same point, and then track across the page.

99% of struggling readers' eyes don't do this. Their eyes focus on different letters, so their brain has to work very hard to decipher what they see.

The headline from us is that ALL children made at least double rate of progress.

Kim Exelby, SENCo
Easingwood Primary School
Average Improvement: 16 months

They can't track their eyes smoothly across the page. They skip letters, words and lines. Their eyes scan backwards as much as forwards, which is why they reverse b's and d's, and lose their place.

This vision problem isn't tested at a regular eye test and often goes unnoticed.

Yet it is easily fixed, by regularly playing vision training games that exercise the eye muscles.

And that's exactly what Engaging Eyes does. Vision training games are played for 10 minutes a day and the results are remarkable.

Evidence Based Intervention

The results showed that, on average, reading age improved by 4 months for every month it was played.

On average children's reading speed also improved by 22 words per minute, a 23% improvement.

Improvements after 3 months

Target Practice

The targets only appear to be 3D if you can focus (converge) both eyes on the same point.

Playing improves convergence, so both eyes focus on the same letter.

Whack an Alien

Struggling readers make too many eye movements - around 1,000 per minute when reading.

Whack an Alien improves eye control and reduces erratic eye movements.

Eye Tracking

Practise tracking across the page, so children can keep their place when reading.

Children stop reversing letters and skipping words and lines.

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